Challenger Program (Most Intensive)

With creative and challenging choreo already underway, we are so excited to start the 2016-2017 scheduled season. In this package we have a few answers to FAQ, dates to note, expectations and fun exercises we are asking the dancers to fill out before their first class.

Required Dates & Events

  • Groove Street Convention – October 22nd - 23rd
  • Nuvo Dance Convention – October 28th – 30th
  • Alive In-house workshop – Sunday, February 12th, 2017
  • Christmas showcase – December 9th- 11th
  • 4 Studio Competitions (Feb-June)
  • Lilac Festival (May/June)
  • Ballet Exams in studio (May)
  • Y.E.S week of shows (June)
  • Auditions for the next season (June)

Please note: We have adjusted what was originally a 3rd convention to an in-house 1 day workshop where Alive will bring in renowned dancers and artists to give a more customized dancer experience! Stay tuned as we will announce the incredible Guest Faculty shortly!

We are dedicated to the development of the Challengers, on an individual basis as well as the group. We look forward to working with each dancer and bringing them closer to their personal goals. This being said, training needs and progressions may vary among dancers and we will be making decisions based on what is best for the individual as well as the group. Please respect the full program requirements as the program has been built with intentional hours and experiences that will make everyone involved successful!


Within the Challenger program there will be more immediate updates and feedback within the dancer’s progress. This could include technical notes, attitude in class, leadership within the studio, etc. This is NOT a negative thing! We want to stay on top of what we are noticing and information/feedback we have are receiving from Guest Faculty to maintain the mindset and positive vibes within the walls of the studio. Successes? We want to celebrate them! Attitudes? No thank you- let’s not have any of that! Great leadership being shown? Heck ya! This will make for more efficient training. We want to continue to have the open lines of communication with our dancer’s and families. Should the Inter Challenger dancers have something they want to discuss, we strongly encourage the dancer to practice self advocacy and have the conversations with the teachers and peers. This will give them valuable opportunities to vocalize their feelings in a professional environment.


Rehearsals: Before/During/After
Before: As an intensive dancer, you know you need to properly prepare your body and brain before entering a rehearsal space. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time to warm up properly. When entering the studio, your body and brain should be ready for action!

During: Stay present & engaged. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being “marking” and 10 being “full out”) Challengers should always be operating between a 7 – 10. Every moment of training offers an opportunity for betterment – within the individual and/or the group. Ask questions and train with intention. The more we can encourage each other and bring positivity into the space – the better we will all create and grow!

After: Express your gratitude. To your peers and your instructors.

Mind-set: The Challengers Program has brought together a beautiful community of driven, passionate, hard working individuals. This work ethic and attitude is to be reflected in ALL CLASSES, regardless of the class level, age, teacher or time of day. You get put into baby ballet? You better rock those spring points, girl! As a group, we want to maintain an OPEN & THRIVING energy in every experience. By committing to Challengers, there is an expectation that you hold yourself to a high level of attitude and approach.

Leadership: Be your best self and grow Aliveness everywhere you go! Be the examples of integrity, kindness and the Challenger mind-set at all times. Never criticize a fellow dancer. We are building a safe and focused space built on trust and positivity. The expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes will not be tolerated from dancer’s or parents.


  • Is there a uniform for Sunday Ballet classes?
    • You are welcome to wear any solid clour bodysuit. No skirt
  • When at conventions on a Sunday, how will that time be made up?
    • There are 2 ways that the Challenger dancer’s will be compensated for their missed studio time
      • Free studio space for rehearsals. Dancers can be slotted in up to 2 hours a month to clean and run their routines
      • Additional Cleaning for the Challenger groups with Miss Jenn and/or Miss Lauren. This will make up most if not all of the missed Sunday hours.

For the parents...

Challengers has been developed for your child to reach their goals and improve their training. The dancers are not necessarily seen as one “team” in each class time but rather a group of individuals who have chosen to take on a more intense schedule and approach with like minded dancers. We may experience a range of needs and desires within the group and this is ok. Please do not compare your dancer against another or the guidance we provide each of them individually. Worry only about your dancer and not the choices made within another’s training or time.

This is a new program, in which we have brought in new choreographers, and it will take a level of trust in our leadership as Directors. Each class, rehearsal and choreographed piece offers ample opportunity for each dancer to attack and apply their Challenger training. This includes, mental training, physical approach, attitude, leadership, focused intensity etc. This behavior is monitored on an individual basis by your Directors.

As a parent in this program, we like to see you supporting your dancer as they work towards their goals.

(See pages below for your dancer!)

Challenger Exercises

In a journal, please answer the following questions before coming to your first class! Bring your journal to class as Miss Lauren would like to hear some of your answers

  1. Why are you choosing to be a part of the Challenger Program
  2. (list 3 or more reasons)
  3. What personal qualities are you bringing into the program?
  4. What kind of participant will you be?
  5. What are 5 goals you have set for yourself this year?
  6. What are you most looking forward to?
  7. A favorite inspirational quote, or positive affirmation.
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