Competitive Program (Mid-Intensive)

Age 4-18 by audition ONLY

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What is Competitive Program

The competitive program is a step before the Troupe program, but is more intensive than the Recreation program. This program comes with a full year commitment from September to June. The fees for the Competitive program classes are based on how many hours you dance. As an incentive once you dance 2.25 hours it is consistent with the Troupe pricing. Additional fees come in the form of festival entries and costumes. All dancers that would like to be apart of the Competitive program must go through an audition process to be considered. All dancers must re-audition every year for placement in this program so we can ensure that each group is a good fit. There are four potential levels/age groups for the competitive program. If placed in one of these after auditions, students will participate in mandatory classes.



All Competitive dancers receive a schedule after their placement in auditions. We encourage and recommend that all students discuss, with the Director and the teaching staff, their options for additional classes. There are classes that are mandatory in order to participate in the Competitive program. Set group schedules cannot be adjusted.

Competitive dancers will participate in a variety of technique classes, including Ballet, Jazz, and Acro. These mandatory classes will depend on age and level. In addition, all students will be required to participate in one or two workshop classes each week. This is where most choreography is learned. Both technique and workshop classes are what make up the Competitive program and, therefore, are mandatory. You will be asked to sign off on your schedule at registration.

Age 4-6 students have their Mandatory classes on ONE DAY A WEEK. All other groups have their Mandatory classes on TWO DAYS A WEEK. We feel is it important to give these students a well-rounded schedule. Additional classes can be taken in other styles, but this is not a requirement.


Expectation and Hours

AS A COMPETITIVE STUDENT - I commit to being punctual for the start of all my classes. I understand that I must come prepared with proper dance attire, knowledge of my choreography and a strong focused presence of mind and body. I will treat my classmates, teachers and parents involved with respect. I also understand that it is my responsibility to stay on top of all the on goings of the studio and any information on upcoming events.

AS A COMPETITIVE PARENT - I commit to taking an active role in the dance experience that my child has chosen. My involvement will include helping in organizing my child's time and transportation in order to be punctual for dance class. I understand there are numerous shows, rehearsals, festivals, workshops, and more that take place outside of class time. I will be sure to watch the studio calendar and notices and do my best to ensure that the student is able to attend these extras. I understand that there are extra fees beyond the cost of class instruction. This may include; costume fees, workshop fees, ticket sales, and more.


  • Age 4-6: 2 Hours Minimum
  • Age 7-8: 3 Hours Minimum
  • Age 9-11: 3.5 Hours Minimum
  • Age 11+: 4.5 Hours Minimum



All Competitive dancers must participate in all performances. This includes festivals Year End Shows. Dancers will participate in one to three festivals in any given year. Festivals usually fall on the weekend mid-April to early May. Dancers will present their dance(s) for an adjudicator and be awarded a mark and medal for their efforts. This is a unique learning opportunity to hear feedback from professionals currently working in the dance industry. The Year End Shows take place over the course of a full week in June (usually the third week). Dancers will perform in at least 2 of our Year End Shows



Monthly Class Fees:

  • 2.25 Hours Per Week = $125 +GST
  • 2.5 Hours Per Week = $140 +GST
  • 2.75 Hours Per Week = $155 +GST
  • 3 Hours Per Week = $170 +GST
  • 3.25 Hours Per Week = $185 +GST
  • 3.5 Hours Per Week = $200 +GST
  • 3.75 Hours Per Week = $215 +GST
  • 4 Hours Per Week = $230 +GST
  • 4.25 Hours Per Week = $245 +GST
  • 4.5 Hours Per Week = $260 +GST
  • 4.75 Hours Per Week = $275 +GST
  • 5 Hours Per Week = $290 +GST
  • 5.25 Hours Per Week = $305 +GST
  • 5.5 Hours Per Week = $320 +GST
  • 5.75 Hours Per Week = $335 +GST
  • 6 Hours Per Week/Unlimited = $350 +GST

Different Competitive groups will have a different number of mandatory hours (see the above hours per age range). Additional classes are encouraged if the dancer feels that they have the time and ability to commit to the extra hours. Fees have been broken into .25 hours to accommodate each dancers individual program.