Recreation Pricing

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Class prices

Due at the time of registration (non refundable at any time):

  • Theatre Fee - $15 per student
  • Registration Fee - $25 per student ($15 for each additional family member)
  • Ticket Fee - $40 per student
  • Costume Fee - $110 per class
  • Processing Fee - $40 (one time payment if paying monthly)

Monthly Fees

Monthly payments accepted – post-dated cheques or an on-file VISA or MASTERCARD accepted. No month-to-month payments. We ask for authorization to process ALL of the monthly payments once the season begins, as there are no refunds. Monthly fees are:

  • 30 min class - $35+GST
  • 45 min class - $53+GST
  • 60 min class - $70+GST
  • 75 min class - $88+GST
  • 90 min class - $105+GST

Note: Processing fee of $40 will be charged if paying monthly

  • *All fees must be paid in full or post-dated at the time of registration
  • *There are no refunds for classes Sept-Jan after classes begin, and no refunds for classes Feb-June after Feb dance classes begin.
  • *A $25 fee is charged on all NSF cheques
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