TROUPE PROGRAM (High Intensive)

Ages 4-18 by audition ONLY


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Each year, we will hold a Troupe Orientation meeting for all new and returning parents. This is a great time to have your questions answered and to get a better idea of what to expect from the year. Orientation will take place in September each year. Watch for an email invitation.


Expectations and Hours

AS A TROUPE STUDENT - I commit to being punctual for the start of all my classes. I understand that I must come prepared with proper dance attire, knowledge of my choreography and a strong focused presence of mind and body. I will treat my classmates, teachers and parents involved with respect. I also understand that it is my responsibility to stay on top of all the on goings of the studio and any information on upcoming events.

AS A TROUPE PARENT - I commit to taking an active role in the dance experience that my child has chosen. My involvement will include helping in organizing my child's time and transportation in order to be punctual for dance class. I understand there are numerous shows, rehearsals, festivals, workshops, trips and more that take place outside of class time. I will be sure to watch the studio calendar and notices and do my best to ensure that the student is able to attend these extras. I understand that there are extra fees beyond the cost of class instruction. This may include; costume fees, workshop fees, travel fees, troupe uniform fees, ticket sales and more.

Note: We can provide a Troupe information Package to you if you would like. Please visit our office!


  • Age 4-6: 3.5+ Hours Minimum
  • Age 7-8: 5+ Hours Minimum
  • Age 10+: 6+ Hours Minimum



All Troupe students receive a schedule after their placement in auditions. We encourage and recommend that all students discuss, with the Director and the teaching staff, their options for additional classes. There are classes that are mandatory in order to participate in Troupe. Set group schedules cannot be adjusted.

Within the Jazz Troupe Program, dancers will participate in a variety of technique classes, including Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Lyrical, Modern and/or Contemporary. These mandatory classes will depend on age and level. In addition, all troupe students will be required to participate in one or two workshop classes each week. This is where most choreography is learned. Both technique and workshop classes are what make up the Troupe program and therefore are mandatory. You will be asked to sign off on your schedule at registration.


Ballet Syllabus

All Jazz Troupe Students take part in a studio Ballet exam held each year in May or June. The aim of the exam is to provide students with an opportunity to present their growth and receive feedback from a Ballet professional. In order to properly assess each dancer, all students are placed into a grade where they will be challenged to improve upon their ballet technique at a safe pace for their own developing body. Our syllabus was developed to ensure that students at all levels are receiving the Ballet technique training necessary to support the advancement of other styles of dance and develop an understanding of the foundation of Ballet.

In the examination, students will perform the work they have prepared in their syllabus class. This will consist of work at the barre, center work, travelling exercises, and specific questions asked by the examiner. At the completion of the exam, students will receive feedback and a mark based on their demonstration. It will also be noted on their report the syllabus grade in which the student will be registered in for the following year. The fee for the exam is $55.00.

Based on the length of material of each grade, most students will spend two years completing the course work (at minimum). A student may transition into the next grade, prior to completing two years, if their technique and performance is considered exemplary by both the examiner and instructor. Students may also be invited to take another grade of syllabus to help strengthen their technique or provide a challenge, however, the student will complete the exam of their regular syllabus class.

Each grade has its own distinct exercises that are built upon as the student’s transition into the next grade. Practice materials are available for purchase for interested dancers at a cost per syllabus booklet or CD.



Every second year, all Troupe students prepare a production from September to December. Productions in the past have included the stories of The Wizard of Oz, The Nutcracker, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast and more. This is a major commitment from all Troupe dancers. Much of the choreography for the production happens in regular workshop class time, but there is a possibility for additional rehearsal times.

Often in productions there are main roles that are filled by interested Troupe dancers. During the audition process, the Director and teachers will select dancers to fill these main roles if interested. Main roles always involve extra rehearsal times and we ask that dancers and families keep weekends open for these rehearsals if a main role is accepted. Schedules are released early in September for additional rehearsal times. Production roles do come with additional costs including: extra rehearsal times and costumes.


All Troupe students must participate in all performances. This includes Christmas and Year End Shows. The Christmas shows are usually 2-3 shows over the course of one weekend in December. The Year End Shows take place over the course of a full week in June (usually the third week). Troupe students will participate in multiple performances during the Year End Shows, so they should be available during the week at nighttime.



Every second year the Performance Troupe travels. In past years, we have visited and performed in Disneyland, California Adventure, Universal Studios, Catalina Island, San Diego, New York, Las Vegas, and Carnival Cruise Lines. Dancers have also visited multiple studios abroad including Millennium Dance Complex and EDGE performing arts centre in Los Angeles and Broadway Dance Centre in New York. Passports are required for all travel.

Often for older groups, we do not allow parents to attend the trip as we see the travel/money/independence aspect of the trip a part of the learning experience. Staff will be provided to accompany students if this kind of trip is chosen (usually 6-9 students per teacher/supervisor).

Costs for these trips range from $1000-$3000 including what is listed in the travel itineraries. This may include air, hotel, ground transportation, tours, performances, viewing shows, and most food. Each trip itinerary is different and will include different types of learning, which is why the price varies. More details will be available at registration about each trip and travel details.

Payment schedules are released when trip pricing is finalized. Late fees are applied to late payments. The trips are extremely fun and rewarding and are only an option for our Performance Troupe dancers.



When accepting your position in Troupe, you must understand that your attendance is mandatory. We expect that dancers will take their class commitment seriously and respect their fellow dancers and teachers by attending. All students must maintain an 85% monthly average in attendance to remain in the program. Attendance will be monitored and students notified if they drop below this average.

The studio requires as much advanced notice as possible for all missed classes and we ask that students call in or email the studio if they are sick. We understand that unforeseen circumstances do happen, however we do believe that it is the student/parents responsibility to ensure that teachers are notified in these situations.


Summer Intensive

Troupe dancers should be taking Summer Intensive each year. It is important that the dancers stay on top of their training through the summer months so that they are not behind come fall. Summer Intensive normally takes place in August and involves amazing teachers brought in from places like Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. We carefully choose instructors that inspire and motivate the dancers to become the best they can be. They bring with them unique styles and fun choreography that are not only exciting but also encourage new ways of moving. Summer Intensive is usually one week in length and is a great time for all! Watch for Intensive details found on the website in the Spring.



Monthly Class Fees:

  • 2.25 Hours Per Week = $125 +GST
  • 2.5 Hours Per Week = $140 +GST
  • 2.75 Hours Per Week = $155 +GST
  • 3 Hours Per Week = $170 +GST
  • 3.25 Hours Per Week = $185 +GST
  • 3.5 Hours Per Week = $200 +GST
  • 3.75 Hours Per Week = $215 +GST
  • 4 Hours Per Week = $230 +GST
  • 4.25 Hours Per Week = $245 +GST
  • 4.5 Hours Per Week = $260 +GST
  • 4.75 Hours Per Week = $275 +GST
  • 5 Hours Per Week = $290 +GST
  • 5.25 Hours Per Week = $305 +GST
  • 5.5 Hours Per Week = $320 +GST
  • 5.75 Hours Per Week = $335 +GST
  • 6 Hours Per Week/Unlimited = $350 +GST

Different Troupes will have a different number of mandatory hours (see the above hours per age range). Additional classes are encouraged if the dancer feels that they have the time and ability to commit to the extra hours. Fees have been broken into .25 hours to accommodate each dancers individual program.

Additional Information:

  • Troupe Dancers all pay a $40/year processing fee for monthly payments
  • A $25/student or $30/family non-refundable registration fee is charged at the time of registration
  • A $25 fee is charged on all NSF cheques
  • A $35 fee for two (2) Year End Show tickets will be added to your May monthly payment
  • We use an on-file credit card system to prepare and process monthly fees and additional fees. A fee authorization form will be filled out at registration and outline all anticipated fees. Credit card numbers are stored securely and parents will be reminded in advance of any fees charged outside of monthly fees
  • Monthly payments accepted – post-dated cheques or an on-file Visa or Mastercard. No month-to-month payments
  • All fees must be paid in full at the time of registration
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